I am Florentina Peter Fabian, TAFES Assistant Regional Coordinator (Lake Zone). I do glorify God for the ministry of TAFES for it is among the ministries God has used and is still using to nurture and mould me to the person He destined me to be.

I have been discovering more of my self, explore and utilize the potentials God has given me through different sessions I have been taught in this ministry. God has given me mentors, friends and so many people who have been helping me grow in His knowledge. As a fond of gatherings, I’ve been extremely enjoying different TAFES Congregations like Discipleship Training Seminars, Go Conference, where God has been teaching us so many transforming teachings, and those moments of having fun together. God has helped me quit from denominationalism, at first I had inferiority complex, because of how I used to be treated by the people from other denominations. Indeed God has impacted and transformed my life through this ministry. Glory to Him alone




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