Last month as part of our campus discipleship activities, TAFES held a Sexual Purity campaign that went by the name NITASUBIRI under the theme: “My body is God’s Temple” 1 Corinthians 3:16.
The campaign was conducted last year and after seeing the need, the ministry decided to make it an annual program. In this year’s campaign, there was increased effort from different stakeholders, we had associates who gave their expertise by writing daily  articles on sexual purity that were shared online and others availed themselves to go to campus to facilitate topics and answer questions.

Here are some of the statistics of the campaigns reach:
1. 3 students gave their lives to Christ  from the WhatsApp class.
2. 152 male and 388 female students took part in 3 week WhatsApp classes where different topics on sex and sexuality were discussed. (These groups targeted first and second year students)
3. An average of 45 graduates took part in a WhatsApp class where different topics on sex and sexuality were discussed.
4. 51 TAFES fellowships across the country had a physical  sexual purity campaign conducted that included activities like: Teachings, Bible study, kakas and dadas sessions, questions and answers sessions, among others, reaching over 1,187 students.
5. 25 students are undergoing one to one counseling, advise and prayers.

This year’s campaign like last year unveiled areas of weakness in the area discipleship both in para church organizations and in churches at large. We discovered that cases of masturbation, pornography, lesbianism and homosexuality are on the raise among the youth and sadly among Christians, some have even taken it as a normal trend and no longer consider it to be sin.

Wlkill you join us in prayer that:

  • The students and young graduates reached will commit to live lives holy unto God.
  • Those who gave their lives to Jesus will grow in knowing Him and living for Him
  • Churches and para church organizations will invest more effort and resources in discipling the young generation to live lives that are Christ like.