I am Francisco Wickson Mwamlima (Regional Bible study coordinator TAFES Lakezone)
After participating in the book of Matthew Bible reading challenge and studying the book of Matthew in January, i got to understand that as a born again Christian, i have been called to  make disciples for Jesus Christ moreover I have divine power which enables me to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ When  I refer to Matthew:28:17.

I also came up with the idea of recitation day with the aim of ensuring that we reach our core commitment ” Scripture engagement. This would challenge other members who are not interested in scriptures or do not have a habit of reading the word of God to start developing  it after seeing  what others do. 196 attended the event, and 11students participated in recitation

From this I learned that students have the time to engage in scriptures but they need more encouragement especially some practical exercises like special events like what  we did.

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