Our Core Commitment


Students reaching students with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is a big priority for TAFES. Giving each student on campus the opportunity of responding to the gospel and ultimately winning the campus for Jesus Christ is our target.


To deepen and strengthen spiritual life of students and equip them for a lifetime of service in the family, Church and society with Jesus Christ as our Role Model. For us Biblical discipleship is to know and follow Christ consistently at all cost, with the ultimate goal of being like Him.

Leadership Development

Being a national students ministry, TAFES gives optimum attention to leadership development of the students thereby building tomorrow’s leaders today.


We seek to help students respond to the call of taking the gospel beyond, by starting on campuses then at work places, rural areas and nations after campus life in order to be the Biblical ‘salt’ and ‘light’ that would lead many to Christ.


We are a praying movement that is committed to personal and intercessory prayer meetings. Winning the campuses and nations through prayers is our strategy.

Scripture engagement

As a result of our evangelical heritage, we give ample time to in-depth study of the Scripture. We endeavour to remain faithful to scripture through sound interpretation and application of Scripture.

Service to the Church and Communities

We serve the local churches by developing the students while in school and redirect them back to their churches upon graduation. We equally serve the communities through our social works.