GO Conference


Is the Mission conference that brings together students from all over the country with the great aim of training them to spread the gospel within and outside the campus and bring transformation to the Nation. This conference is popular known by the name Go conference. The word Go came from great commandment of Jesus Christ in Mathew 28:19 which says “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…. ” It is bi yearly program that managed to impact students in taking gospel to unreached society since 1990’s, since then the number of students who participate in mission has been growing day to day. And we believe it is the time to increase more effort on training students for mission to make more impact on what they are doing.

Aims of the conference

Being a Christian gives us an assignment to fulfill the Great Commission which needs us to take the Gospel to others and Go has been a platform where this order of Christ has been explained to Students and Associates/graduates so as to do the following:

  1. To prepare students to engage communities with the gospel of Christ.
  2. To enhance partnerships with like-minded ministries and organizations as we reach out to the unreached people in and out of campuses
  3. To train students on the effective use of various technological developments for evangelism.