Discipleship Training Seminar


DTS is an acronym which stands for Discipleship Training Seminar. DTS is an annual cardinal programme that is solely organized by TAFES over the Easter period running from Thursday night to Easter Monday. It was started over 20 years ago and it is currently being held in 8 regions concurrently.

Purpose of DTS

     It is a conference that serves as a tool for reaching students and nurturing them to maturity in Jesus Christ.
     It also aims at discipling students by teaching and helping them to develop Christian character and convictions based on the word of God which is displayed in their transformed lives in the communities.

Intended Targets: The key intended participants are university and college students and also associates.

The program: The program is prepared by the head office and the forwarded to all the 8 regions for execution. In the programme, the regions are given one plenary session in which they are to pick a topic that is specifically needed in the given region.

The content of DTS programme includes the following;

  1. Main Exposition: This is usually a three days morning session which is aimed at equipping students on the basic Christian doctrines.
  2. Small Group Bible study: Conducted every day after the exposition in small groups. It is usually in line with the exposition and TAFES Bible study guides are used. We advise that the cost of purchasing a copy of bible study guide be included in the conference fee.
  3. Plenary Session: They are 5-6 general sessions where all the delegates gets to be taught on wholistic needs of a Christian students such as Christian Maturity, Academic Excellence, Relationships etc.
  4. Seminars: They are special sessions in which delegates gets to choose one topic per day as they desire/interested in.
  5. Games: All sitting with no play can make delegates very dull. For that reason, every evening in our DTS, there are games and sports sessions which give the delegates an opportunity to play and at times compete with one another.
  6. New Night of Talents NOT: This is a new session which is intended to allow students to showcase their different talents and also compete with each other on Scripture Memory, Drama and Songs. The presentations will be adjudicated and the winner is awarded for motivation purposes.
  7. Regional Students Official RSO Elections: On Saturday and Sunday, new regional students’ officials are elected in line with TAFES Operational Manual and on Monday morning before departure, the new leaders are commissioned for service.
  8. Conference Speakers: All the speakers must have an evangelical and interdenominational mindset. All the speakers should be selected from the associates’ forum. They are then submitted to the regional council for approval for contacting them. The main expositor is selected by the head office.