A Call to Invest in University Students

//A Call to Invest in University Students

A Call to Invest in University Students

Q & A with Mr. Loishiye Teveli. Mr. Loishiye is an associate from Mwanza,
he is married to Cecilia Yona together they have two sons. He runs a security company in Mwanza city while his wife works with a health based NGO focusing on prevention of HIV/AIDS from mother to child (AGPAHI).

Tell us mr. Loishiye, when did you join TAFES? I joined TAFES in 1997 while a student at CDTI Tengeru. In my second term of year 1, i was elected the chairperson of the newly established CU under TAFES. In 2001, i joined the associates family in Mwanza, i held various leadership positions and 6 years ago when TAFES established the regional council structure, i was appointed the chairperson of which i am graduating this year after for 2

In Mwanza, everyone calls you ‘baba’ because you have been very close to students and staff. What motivates you to serve among students?
Student ministry is very exciting, over the years i enjoyed having to speak to new members every now and then and at the same time, i meet and fellowship with fresh graduates who have been under my care while at college. It excites me to witness how these young men grow and get out of college with potentials for the church, government, business community, and more importantly, i have witnessed many established marriage relationships that are really impressive and i am proud of them. It is not
surprising that they call me baba and ofcos babu as i have many wajukuu now.
Are there any benefits in serving among students If yes, what are they? A little investment in campus ministry is worth a billion times, try it and you will see how God will open up opportunities for you to become a youth pastor and mentor of great men and women of your time.

What is your one last word for other associates? Invite students for a meal at your home, we did it and it became our culture to have a meal with RSOs (Regional Student Officials once each academic year.

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