The Movement that transforms our denominations into a living Church

//The Movement that transforms our denominations into a living Church

The Movement that transforms our denominations into a living Church

I very much appreciate

the Vision of TAFES to win souls and nurture young learned convert students into wise children and productive active leaders with character.

I’m among many associates who boldly and condently conrm to be a living testimony of the transformation and treasure God has deposited in us through TAFES ministry.

I had given my life to Christ 10 years ago yet with stunt growth by the time I was joining TAFES at IFM in 2003, but immediately after attending TAFES Services and programs at the CU, DTS and Go conference, I clearly understood my uniqueness and inheritance in Christ, my potential as a leader, a minister and a business man.

This made me to believe that, TAFES transforms our denominations into a living church because it ignites and cement our intimacy with God. It also pave the way for easy adoption of our God given calling and vision as we get exposed to the mirror of truth and challenged for excellence.

For instance, the past 29 years of TAFES ministry has produced both government and private corporate high officials, Professionals and Pastors and other ministers with integrity, who have national and international influence. Prof Busagala, Dr. Kimambo, Dr. Sokile, Pastor Nkone and including you who are reading this!, are very few examples to mention, who have extended the territory of their denominations into God’s Kingdom.

These special groups with TAFES background together with other Christian Movements have stimulated the growth of the church and the economy in Tanzania by producing competent, committed and faithful servants. Hundreds of students and civilians have surrendered their lives to Christ through evangelism and mission programs respectively.

The firm foundation of TAFES feeds a promising vision to add value to the lives of students, associates and all other stakeholders.

I kindly urge you to cherish the movement by availing yourself, praying, advising and financing the strategic objectives of TAFES operations.

Finally, I encourage the leadership and associates who are interested to spear head the search for the TAFES Alumni and their Impact to the circles of influence.

Happy birthday TAFES!

Yusuph Tito

National Associate Committee Chairperson

5th July 2019

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  1. Emmanuel Joseph April 16, 2019 at 1:45 am - Reply

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