Living for Christ even when it is hard

//Living for Christ even when it is hard

Living for Christ even when it is hard

 This TAFES group (name of university and region withheld for security reasons) began in 2015 with only 4 members.

The many restrictions to evangelism or advertising of TAFES or any Christian programs/activites on campus makes several students to fear to associate themselves with TAFES or Christian activities, such as talking about Christ, attending fellowship or TAFES programs such as DTS, GO conference for fear of being chased away from school.

Furthermore, the academic schedule is very tight making fellowship members meet once per week on, that is Friday, and also some lecturers talk against Christianity openly during lectures which makes some Christians to loose hope in Christ or even in studies especially subjects taught by those lecturers.

TAFES members reach out to first years by  collecting names and contacts  from the notice board and contacting them personally, they share the gospel with them and then invite them to fellowship. Those who have been reached are encouraged to invite friends to fellowship.

Simon (not real name) a bachelor of Arts with Education student had this to say, “generally, it is very hard to be a Christian here but by the grace of God and the prayers of the saints we are able to live and study. We also thank God that our TAFES fellowship is now recognized by the university and our activities are known by the administration, moreover, we have grown from 4 to about  80 members. Kindly continue praying with us so that the Lord may intervene and remove the restrictions that hinder us from worshiping freely”

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  1. Emmanuel Joseph April 16, 2019 at 1:45 am - Reply

    majeshi majeshi wana wa mungu nahitaji msaada nipo mkoa wa geita naitwa Emmanueljoseph sio mgeni sana TAFES nimekuwa nikihudhuria sana ibada umishen n.k na sikuwa mwanachuo ila ibada naenda mavyuoni aridhi @dsm uwasibu na mwimbili kwa mkoa wa geita kuna chuo kikubwa lakini hakina ibada hata moja na mkuu wachuo nijiran yangu mwana maombi pia moyo nauwia sana kufungua tawi la TAFES na inawezekana naomben msaada misingi na kananu kuvuna wanafunz na chuo hiki pia tegemenz kwa mkoa wa geita

    0625518303 my#

  2. admin July 17, 2019 at 12:17 pm - Reply

    Shalom Emmanuel, asante sana kwa kututaarifu. Tuna mpango wa kuanzisha TAFES mikoa mingine ikiwemo huko ulipo. Endelea kutuombea na kutupa taarifa tutakutafuta ili tuweze kufika huko. Ubarikiwe sana

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