Theologically Sound Staff Workers

//Theologically Sound Staff Workers

Theologically Sound Staff Workers

A Q&A with Ayoub Samson, the Iringa Regional Coordinator. He is currently studying a post graduate diploma in Theology at JETS, Nigeria a program sponsored by Institute of Staff Development Training (ISDT) of IFES EPSA.

1. What has been your highlight working with students? My highlights in working with students have been seeing students influenced in how they make individual decisions for their professions, church and societies. Also the time I spent in relating with students through mentorship, and connecting is the time cherished.

2. What have you gained from ISDT? Firstly, the joy of serving the Lord in student’s ministry. Stories from 13 national movements that are represented triggered in me the joy and pride of serving the Lord.
One of my friends is 48 yrs and is praying that God gives him grace to finish all his years in students ministry what a joy is this. Secondly, the theological transformation. Exploring the history on Biblical truths have changed my pattern in interacting with the bible. Interacting with the Torah manuscript affirms more that want I believe is worth and precious.

3. Do you think it is important for student workers/ministers to go through theological training? Yes, students like many other youths have got many of unanswered questions. The questions of purpose, identity, and what next governs their decisions. These are questions that need proper understanding of God. Theological discipline helps to serve this young generation with humility.
4. What one thing have you learned in ISDT that you are eager to put to use in your ministry among students? Real transformation takes place when we exercise our faith in our society. God’s truth makes people free. I am challenged to invest more in young scholars in campuses to discover the theology behind their disciplines (professions) so that they can be good disciples in the public mainstream.

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