My names are Emma. W. Ngullo, I am a graduate from College of Business Education (CBE) Dodoma taking Bachelor of Business Administration.
Since I started studying at the College of Business Education, Dodoma the first Christian fellowship to be aware of was TAFES. I started attending fellowship in my second semester of certificate level in 2013. I can’t say TAFES is the first fellowship to attend but it the first fellowship which when I started attending my life was changed and touched. Ever since I started going to the fellowship many things have changed and not only changing but I have gained a lot of things which if it could not be for the fellowship I couldn’t have gained them at all.

Though I was a born again Christian before I knew TAFES but TAFES has increased my faith through it’s programs like Discipleship Training Seminar ( DTS), Prayer Conferences, and day to day programs of CU like praise and worship, sermons and prayer days. Through these programs my life has been impacted in such a way that today I have the courage of preaching the word of God to others, not only that but also through these programs I am confident to stand in front of a big congregation and speak without fear; as I was able to participate in the SCRIPTURE FEST during DTS 2019.
I am who I am now today because God through TAFES has changed me and I have discovered my calling through TAFES.

I thank God for all the years that I have been a student at CBE DODOMA and a member of TAFES CBE for all the years. Indeed my life has been transformed and I pray to God as I am going out of campus; I will transform others in the market place.

May God bless all the family of TAFES; students, associates and our beloved staff workers.

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