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    On 11th June 1990,TAFES was registered in the Ministry of Home affairs as a ministry with a purpose of reaching students in campuses all over Tanzania.25 years later,TAFES has raised generations of graduates who are making an impact in Tanzania and beyond in different spheres.TAFES presence is currently in 9 regions of the possible 30 regions and in 77 Universities and Colleges with 5000 students,1000 associates(graduates) and 15 staffs. On Sunday 14th June 2015,all TAFES members will gather in celebration mode to thank God for this far and also to commit the next 25 years before His holy presence.It will be a gathering of its own kind which you can´t afford to miss.This Sunday will be a climax of many activities which will have been conducted in various regions such as cleaning the towns,visiting the sick,donating blood to the blood bank,visiting the orphans among others.. 25 Years and...

TAFES runs a number of programmes across the country. These include:-

  • GO Conference: The word 'Go' stems from Matthew 28:19; the great commission's call. This conference is specifically designed to help delegates grow in the areas of Mission, evangelism and all issues that are intended to challenge our spirituality, in order to bring true transformation to our Christian living and missionary calling as Christians in this world.
  • Leadership Training seminars(LTS): These are training programmes for Christian Union student leaders aimed at developing leadership traits and gifts through intensive and balanced leadership training. We believe that it is by exposure to various levels of responsibilities that potential leaders can grow and become effective. Hence, we emphasize a biblical and practical approach to leadership. The training is conducted mostly after new leaders are elected.
  • Discipleship Training seminar(DTS): DTS is an annual students' conference that is held on Easter weekend running in the 8 regions that TAFES is present.DTS is aimed at discipling students by teaching and helping them to develop Christian character and convictions based on the word of God.
  • National Leadership Summit: A national leadership programme designed to bringing together student leaders all over Tanzania in order to train and equip them for leadership roles within and outside the campus. This progamme normally hold in April/May.


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Upcoming Events

Dar es salaam Interdenominational Pastors Breakfast on Friday, 5th June  2015 at Dar es salaam .

TAFES 25 Years Celebrations Week) on  Saturday 8th June 2015 to 12th June in all TAFES Regions/Campus Groups.

Staff Reunion on  Saturday 13th June 2015 at TAFES Students Center-Dar es salaam.

25 Years Climax Celebrations on Sunday, 14th June  2015 at TAFES Students Center-Dar es salaam .




TAFES Retreat Centre TAFES has a 5-acre center at Boko, an outskirt of Dar es Salaam.


Bible Study Guide Over the year TAFES has written several bible study guides that have been useful in facilitating individual and group bible studies.


Calendar of Events TAFES from to time to time carries-out different fellowship programmes and outreach missions.

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